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GET YOUR MUSCLECHOO BOOK WITH A UNIQUE MUSCLECHOO DRAWING BY THE ARTIST HIMSELF. If you have a special request, write it at checkout. Keep in mind that it has to involve Musclechoo and I won't draw anything too complicated.

"After finding an underwater base at Water Moon Sigma 14-B, Musclechoo goes inside and loses contact with Iris and then it starts to get really weird..."
Musclechoo makes a comeback on a new book drawn between August 2014 and December 2016. For fans of Fort Thunder, Ghost in the Shell and Trading Card Games.

80 pages. 16x21cm.
Offset Printing. Perfect bound.
333 copies.
Co-Published by Chili Com Carne and Ruru Comix

Multidisciplinary artist.
Comix. Illustration. Design. Noise.
1991- ∞